What to Expect at Drop-Off

  • Drop-off day: Wednesday, APR 25, 9:00am-7:00pm.
    Appointments are required. See below for the link.

  • We are at the Cow Palace - South Hall. This is on the right side as you're facing the building.
    The Main Parking Lot - Google will take you right there.
    • Address: 2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014
    • For drop-off, you can pull up to the building You will see the signs.
  • Floor Plan for the sale - There will be a few small changes, but this is close to final: Download Floor Plan Here THis is subject to change until a couple of week prior to the sale. 

Organizing for Drop-Off

    • All items should be tagged, clothes should be on appropriately sized hangers (clothes over size 5 should not be on adult size hangers)
    • Kids Clothes should be organized by Gender and Size and Category.
      • Clothes 2T and Up will be placed by Category 
        • Categories are: 
          • Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outfits, PJs and Other
          •     Other - For the April sale, this will include sports specific clothes like baseball pants and leotards.
        • Swimsuits will be separated out and have their own racks organized by Gender and Size
        • Maternity, Dress-Up, and Outerwear (coats and ski bibs) will have separate sections.
        • Women's Clothes should be organized by Category (Tops, Bottoms, Coats) then Size (XS, S, M, L, XL, PLUS)
        • Kids Clothes Size 7 and up should only be placed on the Top Bar of the Rack only.... otherwise, they drag on the floor.
    • Watch our video on organizing your clothing for the sale, in our Seller Group on FB.
    • We also have the video on YouTube: Here
    • You can find a map of our Sales Floor Here
      • This will help you when putting item on the floor. We will also have staff on the floor to answer any of your questions.
  • Please come check in, then grab a cart to go get your stuff
    • Bring a tag (or one tagged item) with you, or make sure you have your Consignor number. We will scan your tag to check you in.
    • Bring your RegFox/TicketSpice Ticket, so that we can check you in. We need to scan the QR code on the ticket. You can print it, or just show us on your phone.
    • Looking for your Drop-off time? You should have gotten an email with a subject that looks like this..
      • The Subject of the email you got when you picked a drop-off slot is: "Registration Confirmation To Just Between Friends - Bay Area" 
    • You should have an email with this ticket from when you chose your drop-off slot. If you haven’t chosen a drop-off slot, please do so as soon as possible Here.
      • This is where you Pay your consignor fee, choose your drop-off slot, and GET YOUR FREE pre-sale passes. If you’re picking up unsold items, you will also choose your pick-up slot here.
    • We are NOT accepting Women's Shoes. They just don't sell well. Please leave them home. 
    • Kid shoes will be dropped off in "Drop Zones" We will have bins in the shoe section. You drop your shoes in the Bin of the appropriate Size and gender, and the wonderful JBF team will arrange them on the racks. This is new for this sale, but we've seen other shows do this, and it seems to help a lot with shoe organization and sales!
  • Women's Handbags
    • PLEASE hand them to the person at the check-in desk. We will take them and organize them on a rack before the opening of the sale. Please make sure they aren't dirty (inside or out), stained, torn, or have excessive wear.
  • Inspection:
    • We will be inspecting
      • Clothes - Kids and Women’s
      • Shoes
    • So, make sure these items are accessible. We will have hanging racks to bring your clothing items in.
  • Large Items:
    • All large items (things you wouldn’t want to carry around the sale), need a “Yellow Tag"
      • You can print these at home. They don’t need to be Yellow, but they do need to be on Card stock
      • Note, this file is 30 tags (10 Pages, 3 per page), so only print what you need Download Large Item Tags for Print at Home
    • We will have a table set up with supplies and Yellow Tags at Drop-off
QUESTIONS? Please mail: bayareajbf@jbfsale.com