JBF San Mateo
​Now Selling High Quality Women's Wear

Been dreaming of a wardrobe makeover? 

No one wants to sell items one at a time—what a hassle—but you DO want to earn some money back on those gently-used and new tops, dresses, denim, slacks, shorts, athleisure, and handbags. 

Now you can shop everything you need for the kids in one place—and find some fun, new pieces for you, too! 

The Women's Wear collection is a new section you’ll find in the corner of our sales floor.

Sell those items with us at our new Women's Wear section! 

We are Upscale Resale; please pick (up to) your best 50 items to sell with us. 

Keep in mind, we're looking for current and chic, if you or any of your friends wouldn't wear it now, it probably won't sell well.

You can overhaul your whole closet by selling items you don't want and then buying the items you DO! Sign up to sell today!

What to Sell

  • Chic, Current, Upscale
  • New or Like-New Condition
  • Tops, Slacks, Denim, Shorts, Dresses, Athletic Wear in Great Condition, and Light Stylish Jackets/Sweaters
  • Designer Handbags
  • Your 50 Best Items

What not to Sell

  • Out of Date Fashion
  • Items that are Ripped, Stained, have Odors, or Show Wear
  • Formal Wear
  • Heavy Outerwear
  • Underwear unless new with Tags
  • Bathing Suits unless new with Tags
  • Costumes 
  • Accessories
  • We are no longer accepting Shoes

Women's Wear FAQs

We've gotten a lot of questions about Women's Wear. We hope we can answer some of them below.

Do I need to register separately to sell woman's wear?

No, one registration is all you need. Just make sure you're registered for the sale, and you've chosen your drop-off slot. (See our How-to-Sell page in the Sell menu, for more information).

Do I need to pay an additional fee to sell Woman's Wear?

No, you just register, tag, drop-off, and watch your item sell. Same account, same tagging system.

How do I tag for Woman's Wear?

You will use the same tagging system. Create tags, choose the Mommy Mart Catagory. For clothing Sizes, please use XS, S, M, L, XL, or Plus.

Will there be Inspection for Woman's Wear?

Yes. At drop-off, women's wear will be inspected. To make things go smoothly, please make sure your items are accessible, and able to be hung on a rolling rack for inspection. Please only bring your 50 best items.